Lite 3oz. Meals
18 Meals Plan (3x Daily)


  • Each meal contains 3oz protein, 3oz carbohydrates and 2oz vegetables

    You have choices! When you order with MM2Go, you can adjust your proteins to your taste. Don’t like red meat? You can replace all beef with chicken using our options below. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to eat healthy, without the shopping or the cooking!

  • Standard Meals = 3oz protein, 3oz carbs and 2oz veggies
    *Half Veggie Meal Plan = Half of the meals are with Vegetables / Half of the meals are with Carbohydrates.
    *All Veggies = All carbohydrates are replaced with 3oz of veggies
  • 6x High Protein Muffin Packs (12 muffins/2 per serving)
    (Per Serving: 200 calories. 2.5gF/37gC/13gP)
    6x Egg and Veggie Hash
    (Per Serving: 250 calories. 8gF/24gC/20gP) GLUTEN FREE
  • 6x High Protein Muffins (12 muffins/2 per serving)
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The menus are subject to possible change or variation.
*Vegetables are not included in the Pasta Meals.


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18 Meals Plan (3x Daily)”

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